Two Minutes After is a travel and lifestyle blog owned and managed by Vier and Vanie, a couple in their late 20s based in the Philippines.

Vier is a digital marketing strategist by profession. He spends most of his time browsing the internet for the latest trends and testing the newest techniques on  how to dominate online presence. He has worked with different firms and niches, from e-commerce websites, gadget refurbishment companies, wedding planners to real estate firms. During his free time, if his schedule permits, he performs with his acoustic band on weddings and other occasions. Vier has a fascination for Starwars, Lord of the Rings and gaming consoles. He is terrified by the presence of clowns and afraid of idle innocent-looking dolls though.

Vanie on the other hand is a software engineer for a US-based outsourcing company for more than 7 years already. She loves to take photos; and landscapes are her favorite subjects. She is a self-confessed obsessive compulsive person making her the mandatory master travel planner for the couple’s trips and out-of-town getaways.  She loves to bake and try out quick-to-prepare dishes from Buzzfeed. Being an avid fan of heights, she enjoys extreme rides at leisure parks better than Vier.

Together, they enjoy discovering new destinations, trying out different food and practically discover anything the world has to offer. They plan to use this blog as an online journal to document their adventures and stories together and share to others who wish to experience the same activities.

For comments, suggestions, collaborations and sponsorship, send them a message using this form below.

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