Amazing Ayutthaya at Night

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To visit all the UNESCO’s World Heritage sites has always been part of my bucket list. Hence, I made sure that on our first visit to Thailand, the Historic City of Ayutthaya wouldn’t be missed, which is the old capital of Thailand. Ayutthaya has been inscribed by UNESCO since 1991 for passing the criterion of bearing excellent witness to the period of development of a true national Thai art.  (Reference:

Sure enough Vier and I would love to visit Ayutthaya but we wanted it to be at night. Simply because some of the ancient temples were being lit up at night, which were all amazing to see! It was as if you really went back to ancient times.

How did we get to Ayutthaya? Upon searching and contacting a number of tours, I came across with this Ayutthaya – Night Tour by And I must say that among the tours we had in our whole Thailand trip, this was the most fun and most worth it. The tour already included transportation, long-tail boat ride, lots of snacks, and sumptuous dinner. We had also the best tour guide and group. We paid 1600THB each for this tour. 


Philippines, Portugal and South Korea represent

We had this Ayutthaya – Night tour after visiting some Bangkok’s temples. We were picked up at Starbucks, Khao San. Just to share, we had a little misadventure going to our pick-up point. We rode a cab and then asked the driver to bring us to Starbucks, Khao San. Unfortunately, we mispronounced Starbucks. Didn’t we know that Starbucks in Thai should be pronounced as /Sa-tar-baks/. Apparently, our driver didn’t get our instruction and we were not brought to our pick-up point. So what we did is we looked for someone who could write our destination in Thai alphabet. Then after getting a new cab, we just gave the direction written in Thai. And that was it! We had finally arrived in Starbucks, Khao San.

Tip #1: Have a copy of your destination in Thai alphabet. Some English words are pronounced differently in Thailand.

We spent 2-3 hours via van going to Ayutthaya. We arrived in the old capital at around 4:00PM and then visited the following temples.

Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon

Tip #2: When visiting Thai temples, there will be times when you must take off your shoes before entering. Hence, better wear slip on shoes or something that can easily be removed.

After visiting the Buddhist temple of Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon, we went to Wat Phra Si Sanphet (“Temple of the Holy, Splendid Omniscient”). Sadly, I didn’t have photos of the said temple. Then, we visited more ancient temples until the evening.

Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat (“Temple of Great Jeweled Reliquary”)

As mentioned earlier, a long tail boat ride was included in the tour. It was raining when we had a boat ride around Ayutthaya. Nonetheless, it was still a fun experience. We had fish feeding along the river. We were surprised and got a little panicked when we found the sizes of the fish. They were so big and many!!!

The last temple we visited was Wat Chaiwatthanaram.  Among the Ayutthaya’s temples, this was the temple we loved the most. We were simply awed by its beauty.

We ended the tour with a sumptuous dinner. And it was the time when we really had a good chat with the rest of the group –  a couple from Portugal, girl friends and a solo traveler from South Korea. We talked about the tour and shared each past and future travels. We even came up with a common goal – WORK, SAVE, TRAVEL!!! Of course, we invited them to the Philippines. And we were not surprised that Philippines was already in their bucket list as they wanted to see our beaches. It was so nice meeting them.

Tip #3: WORK, SAVE, and TRAVEL!


Dinner was served.

We arrived back in the city at around 9:00PM. And we just spent the rest of the night exploring Khao San before going back to the apartment.

twominutesafter reminiscing of what happened in this Ayutthaya tour, we were just smiling. It was so fun to look back at those activities mentioned above and to the learnings we had during the whole trip. That said, if you’ll be going to Thailand and you are fond of visiting historic places, we would definitely recommend you to include Ayutthaya in your itineray. You can book this tour at

Tip #4: If you’ll be booking this Ayutthaya – Night tour, brace yourself for long walk and your tummy for lots of food to be served. 😉

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