Experience Bangkok Night Lights via Tuk-tuk

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Bangkok, as many say, is a city that never sleeps. I can’t help but not to agree to it. In fact, on our last night in Bangkok, we experienced their legendary night life but in a different way. Being both not party goers (Boo! sign of aging! Haha!), Vier and I joined this Bangkok Night Lights Tuk-tuk Tour by Expique.


I’ve learned Expique from amazingplanet.com. Upon visiting Expique’s website, the first thing that caught my attention was this cool and cute tuk-tuk with transparent roof, which was being used for their night lights tour. I found it really interesting, so I convinced Vier to give it a try. So on our last night in Siem Reap, I tried to pre-book this join-in tour. Gladly, Expique still accepted our last minute booking. We paid 1750THB each, which already included guide, food and drinks, transportation, and insurances.

Tip #1: If you’re not party goers like us, but still would like to see the beauty of Bangkok at night, try this Bangkok Night Light Tuk-tuk tour by Expique. 

Tip #2: Brace yourselves for long walks. So don’t forget to wear comfortable pair of shoes.

Our meeting point was at Krung Thonburi BTS (Skytrain) Station. We were surprised to find out that we were the only one joining the tour on that Wednesday night. So it suddenly became a private tour with our guide, Natt.

We first went to Klongsan Plaza.

Klongzan Plaza was like a night market selling different street foods and Bangkok clothes. We really enjoyed trying their street foods specially their fresh fruits and sausages with noodles inside. Yes, you’ve read it right; those sausages on sticks have glass noodles inside. A must-try!

Tip #3: You will not go hungry with this tour so no need to eat beforehand! Brace your tummy for lots of free Thai snacks. 🙂

Before leaving Klongsan we went to this shrine where we saw a big statue of a famous Buddhist monk named as Somdet Phra Phuttachan, who was very well-known for his magical powers. Have you heard of this Thai comedy horror film “Pee Mak” starring Mario Maurer? Did you know that the monk who conquered the Thai female ghost in the movie was none other than Somdet Phra Phuttachan? Since I’ve watched the movie, I really got intrigued with Natt’s whole story about the vulnerable monk.


Somdet Phra Phuttachan

During the tour, we were also able to visit some of the Bangkok temples being lit up at night such as Wat Prayoon, The Giant Swing and Wat Pho. For every temple we visited, Natt had an interesting and informative story to share. Something I learned from him; Thailand is the only Asian country that has not been colonized. Amazing, isn’t it? That’s how great their King was during those times when Americans, British, etc. started to colonize the world.

Of course, our Bangkok trip would not be complete without trying the famous and legendary Pad Thai of Thip Samai. Both Vier and I didn’t expect the long line that welcomed us when we went to Thip Samai. But since we were in tour, Natt already had someone to fall in line on our behalf. We were just notified when there was already available table for us.

Why was this Pad Thai very famous? According to Natt, when the King had a contest for the best Pad Thai in the city, Thip Samai won the title. From then on, it became every tourist’s must try in Bangkok. And we must agree to it! They really had the best Pad Thai!

Tip #4: Don’t leave Bangkok without trying Thip Samai’s Pad Thai. Thip Samai is located at 511, Maha Chai Road, Samran Rat, 10200 Phra Nakhon, Bangkok. It is open from 5PM to 11PM.

After eating dinner at Thip Samai, we had a walk to flower market. What else could we expect from a flower market? Definitely, flowers everywhere.

Our last stop was their own version of Chinatown, where we had our dessert – Thai Mango Sticky Rice. The whole tour lasted for approximately 4 hours. And it was indeed an amazing 4 hours full of learning and food trips.

Twominutesafter the tour, we thought that indeed, it was an extraordinary way to see the beauty of Bangkok at night. We loved the transparent roof, which made the tour more fun since we could see the night lights through it. We would definitely recommend this Bangkok Night Lights Tuk-tuk Tour by Expique.

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