Explore the Beauty of Autumn in Japan: Osaka – Kyoto – Nara

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It has always been a lovely experience to see the colors of autumn. Those yellow, orange, or deep red leaves make every scenery look extra stunning and look like an oil painting. They’re just so relaxing to look at.  And the weather – it’s perfect! It’s neither too cold nor too warm.  Autumn weather makes it totally acceptable to wear sweaters, leggings, coats, hoodies, boots, scarves, and beanies if you’re so inclined.  Awra mga besh! Haha! So as much as I love living in a tropical country like ours, I still sometimes wish we can have this kind of season.

Way back 2012, South Korea – that was my first time to experience autumn. And it was blast! Then, just last year same month today, Vier and I were able to experience the beauty of early autumn in Japan. Since we badly miss Japan and the feel of autumn, we tried to dredge up some memories of how we simply fell in love with Japan, enjoyed the food, admired their unique culture, got lost but at the same time got amazed with their transportation system, got totally awed by their scenery in autumn colors, and how we even fought about some petty things during the trip (Tho it’s pretty normal for us everytime we travel together. Haha!). It’s definitely no wonder why Japan is in everyone’s bucketlist. It’s truly beautiful. It’s the country where you would wish to come back again and again regardless of the season. Let our travel video speak to itself.

Exploring Japan requires a lot of research, patience, time and quite a budget. Actually, it always depends on your travel syle, on your way of exploring a place, your activities, etc… in short kanya-kanyang trip yan! But just make sure that you don’t go only for the sake that you want to check the place off from your bucketlist. Always give yourself time to truly explore, enjoy and experience not only the place but their culture. Same reason why we opted to spend our 7 days mainly in Osaka, Kyoto, and Nara. Japan has so much to offer. Believe me, 7 days is still not enough to explore these places. If only time (every vacation leave counts) and budget permit! Huhu. Well, we’ll surely come back!

In the meantime, let me share to you our detailed itinerary with EXCLUSIVE notes, tips, and recommendations. Vier and I are into food trips, adventure, historic and scenic landmarks, and cultural attractions. So expect more of them in our itinerary. I also tried to put estimated costs on accommodation, admission fees, food, and transportation so that you’ll have an idea how much budget you’ll need for your Japan adventure. Friendly Reminder: Mahirap na masaya subalit mahal mawala sa Japan! Haha!


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How do you find our itinerary? Did we miss anything worth visiting? Let us know your feedback and comment below. 🙂

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