Wander and Be Amazed by the Charms of Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand in 7 Days and 8 Nights

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To travel the six territories of Indochina (Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos) has always been in our bucket list. We’ve checked off Malaysia last September 2014. And it’s just such an amazing feeling to have traveled another three from the list in one long but super fun trip.

I must say that among the travels Vier and I did, this Vietnam-Cambodia-Thailand trip is by far the most tiring but definitely the most fun and fulfilling. This trip had the most research done to date – from organizing and creating itinerary for 7 days and 8 nights; finding good but budget-friendly tour packages and accommodations; coordinating with different contact persons across the three countries; deciding where to go and where to eat; and most specially, fitting all our activities on a shoestring budget of PhP20,000 each excluding airfare.

After we had this trip last August 20-27, 2015, a number of our friends were asking for our itinerary. So Vier and I sat down and thought of sharing our itinerary to everyone and also give some helpful tips we learned from this adventure.

Here’s how we enjoyed and wandered Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand despite of a tight schedule and budget:

Below is our complete and detailed itinerary with EXCLUSIVE notes, tips, recommendations and contact persons.

indochina vietnam cambodia thailand travel itinerary by twominutesafter

Vietnam-Cambodia-Thailand complete and detailed itinerary

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  • Inna Aldeguer

    Hi! I would like to ask where did you avail of the city tour in Ho Chi Minh? Via the hotel? Thanks. 🙂

  • Day Vizzy

    Hi! Im planning to go on a solo trip abroad and I saw this helpful article. I would like to ask if this P20k budget also
    applies to a solo backpacker?

    • Hi Day Vizzy,

      I’m so excited for your plan of going a solo trip abroad. Push! Achieve! 😉 In line with your question, yes, both our itinerary and P20k budget for Indochina trip can still apply for solo backpacking. On the account of, most of the activities we did are join-in tours, so they have fixed rates per pax. But I suggest you need to look for other accommodations like dorm-type style or other budget-friendly hotels for solo travelers. For Vietnam and Cambodia, I would still recommend Hong Han Hotel and Golden Butterfly Villa. But for Thailand, since we got ours from Airbnb and it’s an apartment style, I think it would not be a good idea for a solo traveler in terms of price. I suggest you look for other accommodations like in agoda.com or booking.com. Just a tip, agoda.com offers discounted price every Fridays. 😉 For more details and updates, please check our posts for each activity we did in this trip.

      Enjoy and happy traveling!

      – Vanie